Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Equalization payments for idiots and why, yes, Quebec should separate.

This needs to be said...
Too many idiots from the ROC talk out of their ass about Quebec and equalization payments, repeating the same old shit they heard from people equally talking out of their ass, saying that Quebec feasts on equalization payments and that they cannot leave because they need them.

Bitch, please.

If you are one of them, unless you really only are an idiot who just wants to hate on Quebec on anything, no matter whether it's true or not, or if you want Quebec to leave, then you should go read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equalization_payments_in_Canada to educate yourself. If you don't understand what Wikipedia says and what it implies, come back and read the following.

Let's say your family is fucked up. Your dad has 2 other women and has 1 kid with each of them. You all live under the same roof but all the women hate each other.
Your dad represents the federal government, the women represent the provincial governments and the kids represent the mass of taxpayers in each province.
Instead of money, they have apples.
You have 4 apples, your brother has 8 while your sister has 6. Your dad already has a whole bag of them.

Time comes for everyone to pay their apple-taxes. Your mom collects 25% of your apples, mom1 collects 20% of your brother's apples, mom2 collects 20% of your sister's apples and your dad collects 25% of the 3 kids. This means that your dad collects 1 1/2 apple from you, 2 apples from your brother and 1 from your sister.

Now, what the apple-transfers do is they calculate how many apples women would have collected from their kid, had their kid been equally wealthy, if they had collected the 25% that your dad collected and compensate for the poor ass tax collection from poor ass kids. Equally rich in this case is (4 + 8 + 6)/3 = 6 apples. So they would have collected 1 1/2 apple from their kid. However, your dad only collected 1 apple from you, so your dad gives your mom half an apple to compensate, because if you are dirt poor, it means she doesn't get a lot of apple-taxes from you.

What happens with the apples? Your dad makes pies and shares them with everyone.
However, your mom thinks your dad's apple pies suck. So she decides to cook her own apple pies from the apples your dad gave her PLUS the apple that she herself collected from you.
This means two things : Both you and her don't eat your dad's apple pies, so there is more left for everyone else and you pay for pies that you don't even eat in addition to those that you will eat.

Now, your dead is threatening you that you will have to eat at least a part of his shit apple pies every day (referring to the prisons Harper wants to build in addition to many other spendings Quebec disagrees with) and your mom is already very tired of this mess, so she fucks off with you. Next, she will be the one who is going to collect the apple-taxes and she will collect a total of 50% of your apples in comparison to 25% before, in addition to not wasting x% of it on pies that you won't eat.

Quebec as a country would be richer than Quebec as a province. The federal government also owes Quebec a lot of money, so don't think you're going to make an argument with your "they can't leave, because debt" either.

Also, please, if you want Quebec to quit Canada, next time you meet someone in an argument, don't go "THEY CAN'T LEAVE BECAUSE EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS AND DEBT" because that's exactly what scares people into NOT leaving. And yes they are reading you.

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