Sunday, July 31, 2011


Perplexus Epic

This is a toy I will surely buy someday, be it for myself or someone else. The Perplexus is a challenging 3D maze game where you have to maneuver a marble through stairs, twists, turns, tunnels, cliffhangers and more. Seriously look at this! Pretty badass isn't it?

Though I haven't looked much around, Mastermind Toys seem to have a pretty good price on this :

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our meat eating habits as the reason why people still starve in the world?

"Cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys consume 70% of the United States grain crop; feeding these grains to farmed animals is extremely wasteful. In the process of cycling grains through other animals to produce flesh, eggs, and milk, we lose vital nutrients and billions of consumable calories. In The Mathematics of Starvation, Tom Spontelli notes that ranchers cycle 24,000 calories of grain into cattle to retrieve 1500 calories from flesh: a 94% caloric loss. Every time we sink our teeth into a cow’s flesh, we vote to keep sending 6,000 calories of the world’s grain (which could feed a child for 10 days) into a cow’s belly to ultimately retrieve only 375 calories. If we want to feed hungry people, we need to eat grains directly rather than feed vast quantities of grain to cattle. When we cycle grains through cattle we also lose 90% of grain’s protein, 99% of the carbohydrate, and 100% of fiber: We exchange heart-healthy grains for a coronary surprise and a ticket to obesity."

Source :

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We have no free will.

Sorry to break it to you but you are 110% a product of everything that you have absolutely no control over.

From the first cell that was you, which contained a genetic you didn't choose, to everything you have been exposed to in your life from what your mom ate, did and went through during her pregnancy, to everything you have been exposed to as a baby when you were a sponge who basically did nothing but absorbing information and developing according to the stimuli you were fed. This created a tangent which became your intelligence and personality, which guided every reaction you had to everything you encountered up to now, every new thing you encounter adding to who you are.

You truly have absolutely no power over who you are. This is all an illusion of control.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life is a troll

IF life does indeed like to lead us down paths (note, this is a big IF.), then I suspect life to be a fucking troll : It makes you come across things that will make you believe things that will lead you down a certain path where you would apparently need to go for some reason.

So life makes you believe bullshit, on purpose. What a Troll. (Capital T.)

In the end, it means you can never find the truth… so you should probably stop wasting your time searching for it.

Special hello to all the the countless people out there who, with personal and spiritual experiences to support it, genuinely believe they are incarnations of Michael Archangel.

I have been aware of 3 such people in my life… I’m pretty sure they all had good reasons to believe they were special snowflakes, incarnations of Michael Archangel. So what should yours be better?






(Side note : Strangely, it very seldom seems to happen that people believe they are another Archangel… I guess they are not cool enough to be you?)