Sunday, June 19, 2011

Windows 8 - First peek video

Okay it may be just me, but this shit makes me feel claustrophobic. Tiles.. tiles surrounding you... pan... pan.... cannot see the outer edges of it... can never get out of it... GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

These full screen panning things make me feel like I'm trapped inside the computer and can't do shit. They make me feel totally powerless and helpless. It makes me feel like I'm trapped in an aperture science research center room. I'm serious. It's exactly the same : They put you in a tiny and very limited environment and you can't see not access what's outside... nor can you get out of it to gain the full control of it.

That's how it makes me feel and I HATE it.

It just makes me want to smash my screen, break my computer open and break out.

I like seeing everything on my screen, feeling in control of my computer. Being OUTSIDE looking in and having everything withing reach. Not trapped INSIDE looking out.

-- When I played Portal 2, I had to play it all in one shot... because I was anxious to get the fuck out of there.

Would they have the same interface but windowed, it would be okay.

Thanks god at least they're going to leave the normal GUI - which frankly, removing it would be the dumbest thing to do ever and I think they know it.


  1. I love me some windows - pretty keen for windows 8, and, personally, I think it looks awesome xD I must go now, the cat has nearly escaped to the right of my screen.

  2. I'm not a big fan of the tiles either. For people with touchscreens, maybe that's great for them. But I can't see myself using it and I'll stick to the normal UI as well (that I tweak to my personal liking also).