Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back from Montréal! :D

I've been away for a week, on a trip to Montréal!

It was so awesome! I got to spend 3 days with an e-friend I had for over 9 years who I had met only 2 times prior to that and her boyfriend who was a +1 year old e-friend met on Tinychat. I also met one of her lovely RL friend who I had also met on Tinychat before.

We had an awesome time!

But before that, I went to my dad's place in Granby for the weekend. Friday to Monday. There is an esoteric store there where I've been wanting to go for a long time. It's called Trésors d'Énergie. This store is so beautiful and awesome! They got heaaaaaaps of stuff, anything you can probably think of, they have it. And then more.
The people who own it love what they do and they do it because they have been led there, not for the money and it shows. The energy there is lovely. The sellers that were there when I went were lovely. If you go to Granby and are into that kind of stuff, you have to go.
I bought a hand made singing bowl, two singing bowl cushions, a sugilite pendant and a hook to make a pendant with a stone.

When destiny happens...
The woman working there told me about an esoteric expo with conferences that was held at a hotel in Granby that very weekend. WTF! Of all times I could have gone there (and it wasn't even planned that I go to my dad's before going to Montréal) I went right as there was this expo! You bet your ass that I went! I spent the whole day there.
I bought a brown selenite sphere, a small chunk of honey calcite, two lepidolites, two herkimer diamonds, a crystal bowl meditation CD and an amethyst matrix for my friend I was going to meet on Monday.
The energies at the expo were so lovely. Say whatever you want about these people, they are the most loving kind of people and the people you will feel the most at ease with. The are open, welcoming, loving, very kind hearted, willing to help and to share with people. They. Are. Lovely. And. Loving. Just for this reason, I will go again next year, for sure. Without a doubt.

What did I see there? I saw a lot of stands with hand crafted goods, especially jewelery. There were a lot of natural oil and other natural products, alternative medicine things, tarot readers, mediums, artists (oh the lovely, lively, so colorful, etherical paintings I saw there. So beautiful. totally my kind of art), healers, people selling gemstones, bowls, CDs... It was great.

One of the conferences was a concert/meditation with this man and his crystal singing bowls, a man with a didgeridoo and a female singer. It was.... wow. Wow. That's the only word I can say. Wow. The man with the singing bowls has such a big and kind heart, he is so loving and lovely, I only wanted to hug him. He has a center and does singing bowl meditations at his place. I want to see this man again.

I will definitely go back next year.

We went to Chinatown in Montréal. We ate Dim Sum at a chinese restaurant and then went to Juliette et Chocolat, a chocolate factory/restaurant to eat a deeeelllicious desert.

Juliette et Chocolat! OH U!


I bought an awesome shirt from Le Palais des Cadeaux

Taste the rainbow!

I swear I would have bought the whole store. They got such cuuuuute colorful clothes! Oh god. I have to go back before next month to buy a dress for my friend's wedding. Seriously.

I almost lost my camera. I forgot it in a book store at the counter while checking for Atlantis rings. I only realized one day later, once I was back to my dad's place 1 hours away from Montréal, that I had left it somewhere.
I didn't have the feeling that it was lost forever and felt that it was somewhere where I could retrieve it. So I made two phone calls the day after, at Le Palais des Cadeaux and La Librairie du Quartier Latin and it was there! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad they kept it and didn't just leave with it. Thanks god. We went to get it the same day.

It was an awesome trip. We want to do it again.