Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Old arcane Grand-Ma treatment for sunburns and other types of burns.

It's a shame that this trick is not more widely known, really. It almost makes getting sunburns pleasant.

When you get a sunburn, take a bowl, pour white vinegar in it. Take a washcloth, damp it in vinegar, wring it but not too much and apply it on your sunburns.


No no, screw aloe, screw that little fancy sunburn lotion, those don't really provide relief. They don't help as much in taking out the fire and preventing peeling as vinegar does. Not anywhere near. I know, I'm as white as one could be (almost green) and because of my meds, I get sunburns, a lot. Very bad ones. I can't go in the sun unprotected and I don't tan, I burn.

Bad experience with Coppertone (which is actually a very good brand) spray sunscreen.

Apparently you actually need to rub in the spray sunscreen anyway, which I didn't. I thought the point of spray sunscreen was that you don't actually need to rub it in and get your hands all greasy and ew, well apparently it's not since you still need to rub it in. So you might as well just stick with regular sunscreen lotion ; spray sunscreen is a scam.

Imagine the redness above, everywhere my body was exposed to the sun. That's what I get if I spend a few hours in the sun without sunscreen. Actually, I had even used FPS 30 sunscreen lotion the first time as a base then renewed with spray sunscreen and it burned anyway. The places that aren't burnt are where I rubbed in the spray sunscreen. Anyway, I digress...

I have always used the vinegar trick. Every summer, for my whole life, I had sunburns. Many sunburns per summer. I always put vinegar on them. It never ever ever ever ever went bad, ever. It always always always always only did good. Holy motherfucking good. This trick is a gift from gods.
I say that because if you google about using vinegar on sunburns, there are some clueless people saying it's a bad idea. Clueless people who have no clue and never tried it. It's a shame, because they probably drove a lot of people away from trying this Holy trick which is the best thing since getting out of the sun when you get burned.

I could not praise this trick enough. Get it? Do it. Just do it.


Aloe and other sunburn creams are only good after you have first treated yourself with vinegar, which seems to help stopping the process that actually makes the skin cells die (which should come first before trying to heal them).

The relief is instantaneous and almost orgasmic. Let yourself get a small sunburn and try it... No I kid... but it's almost worth it.

It goes like the saying "God made balls so we can scratch them" ; "God made sunburns so we can put vinegar on them".

It works for all other kinds of burns too. It takes out the heat and soreness right away.

I am not sure why it works. The Internet suggests that it helps to re-equilibrate the pH of your skin, but I'm not sure about that. Your skin having the wrong pH would not make it hurt when you move/press/stretch it.
I think it works for the same reason as gargling with salt water helps with sore throats, because it takes out the excess water in the cells that builds up when an inflammation occurs, which is what actually causes soreness.
How is it called? Astringent? Yeah.

Anyway, the next time you get sunburned, run for your life to a gallon of white vinegar. You will never be so happy of having found a new trick.


  1. thanks for the tip. i always get sunburned

  2. I do hope you are not trolling, because If i put vinegar on my burns and it makes it hurt like the fires of hell I am going to rage soo hard.

  3. oh snap that looks painful x.x