Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Minecraft server

Like everyone, I first ran a server on my own computer. The machine I was running it on was a laptop with 1GB of RAM (I made 768Mb available to the server). It turned out to be a failure (obviously). I would lag like crazy and the server could never keep up even though I was the only one connected (durr). I am not even talking about the fact that I have never been able to make any of my computers visible on the Internet even though I forwarded ports and all that shit (even in DMZ it didn't work).

My goal was to run a Minecraft server with plugins like WorldEdit, SupplySigns, etc and my laptop could not even keep up with a vanilla server... At that time I was playing on a friend's server which was running on a machine with 8GB of RAM and was STILL lagging. So I knew I was in for some wallet raping if I wanted to have my own server with mods...

I started looking for dedicated servers...
It quickly turned out to be a "FORGET ABOUT IT!"
DAMN! Those are so &@*$%¤£ expensive!
Rackspace, Godaddy, Hostgator... All over $100/month for 2GB! And that didn't even include the bandwidth and the hard drive space!

So how the hell did so many people manage to host their own servers?

I went and took a look at the MC forums and found... Multiplay.

The servers are hosted on SSDs.
They don't have a storage limit that I know of.
You can have as many maps as you want with MultiVerse.
No bandwidth limit.
Support for Bukkit, hey0, Canary mods.
Their plugin list is HUGE. If you want a plugin that isn't in the list, you can have them add it.
Automatic Backups!
The support is great, be it by tickets or by their forum.

The performance is GREAT!

I run a ton of plugins (some like WorldEdit being very demanding) and 5 different maps with Multiverse.. on 600MB of RAM! It tell you! It's unbelievable! The only slowdown I have noticed is in the map loading time... but that's clearly because of the abusive number of maps I run because I did not notice any slowdown when I only ran 3 maps.

How much do I pay?
I pay 6£/month for 8 connections and 600MB of RAM.

They also have Brink servers, Call of Duty servers, Counter Strike servers, Battlefield servers, Halo Servers, any multiplayer game you can think of, they have it.

Clicky on the banner bellow to get your own server.
They are awesome.

Multiplay Game Servers

Edit :
As I was writing my other blog post "Our Minecraft Server Part II", I noticed that Multiplay is now OFFERING A 50% DISCOUNT (Ouch! My eyes! wtf!) and now offers awesome server badges! :D

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  1. Hmm, might have to try hosting one day!

  2. Taking note of this for future reference.

  3. i cant seem to see the attraction to the game xD