Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Minecraft Server part II

See previous post here : Our Minecraft server

When writing the previous post, my first intent was actually to write about what's on our Minecraft server. My introduction turned the whole post to be a sales pitch about what the server is hosted on. MY BAAAAD. So here's what I actually wanted to blog about.

I mentioned that we ran 5 maps. We have SkySwept which is a blank map with a wool island that acts as a hub between the other worlds :

All other worlds besides MineWorld (explained later) have portal to SkySwept near their spawn point.

Then we have MainWorld, a vanilla map where people get to play the game without any kind of enhancement BESIDES some aimed at decreasing lag (more on this later) :

From this world, it is possible to access another world called MineWorld. Mineworld was created in an affort to preserve the lanscape of MainWorld. Players are invited to use MineWorld for all their destructive mining needs. The portal to MineWorld is next to the portal to SkySwept. This is facing the portal to SkySwept :

And there is EpicSome, a creative world. We use SupplySign to supply everyone with every material they need :

In EpicSome, people have access to some commands, like /brush sphere (WorldEdit), /extinguish, /drain, /fixwater, /time and... DiscoSheep.

Discosheeeeep. Best plugin evar :

You can throw a party at anyone, choosing the number of sheeps and the number of uninvited guests (creepers!) you want to send. No worries though, the creepers don't explode. It's still FUNNY AS HELL though to give someone a heart attack with creepers! ROFL.

We use to have a piston plugin, however it conflicted with the plugin that disables weather. Since we found rain to be more annoying that having to pistons, we chose the NoMoreRain over BukkitPistons.

Other cool plugins we use are FenceStack, HeroidDeath (which displays funny customizable messages when people die), IceDrop and PortalStick (which turns wood sticks into portal devices!).


Oh god... I love it so much.


  1. Dat sphere. either that was made with a sphere tool or someone had way too much time on their hands :p

  2. Nice pokemon ball, gratz on your server!

  3. Yes it was made with WorldEdit... but my project is to make it in Lego... oh god I would totally cum.