Thursday, November 10, 2011

How do YOU wipe?

I just had a revelation.
Blind people cannot know when they are done wiping.


I was reading the website of a restaurant where meals are served in complete darkness. One of the questions in the FAQ was whether the bathrooms are lit or not. Then it came to me. Blind people cannot see when they are done wiping. So it got me wondering... HOW DO BLIND PEOPLE KNOW WHEN THEY ARE DONE WIPING?

So I googled away... what I found out was... disturbing. o_o

I can't believe the amount of SIGHTED people out there who do NOT actually look at the paper to know whether they are done wiping and just go by the "feel"!

That's right! There is actually a fuckton of people out there who think they can just feel when they are clean and done wiping! WTF! Not only that, but they also go all condescending toward people who do actually look after every wipe saying they have a problem, that it's not needed or whatever!

And there are people for who "looking" is such an alien concept that they think that "looking" refers to looking at one's ass! Not the paper!

Itab on 10/21/09 5:25am
I don't need to see my ass to know that it's been wiped well. How do you guys do it? Look at it in the mirror just to be sure? lol
the_great_intex on 10/21/09 5:34am
Uh, probably by feeling or intuition I guess, do you people take a mirror and look at your asshole everytime you wipe? Or perhaps feel around back there afterwards?

Seriously, wtf?

Being a wipe-looking wiper, I KNOW for a FACT that you can wipe your butthole bleeding clean yet STILL be dirty and that if you just go by the "feel", you are most likely STILL dirty.

by The Dumpster on May 23 2006 6:42 pm
I don't need to look at the toilet paper. I can feel when I'm clean.
by The Shit Volcano on May 26 2006 5:43 pm
I suppose blind people do it the same way the rest of us do. You can kinda feel when there is still stuff in there.
O'Neil Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
they probably wipe extra, plus you dont have to look to know when you r done

Huuuuh... YES!!! YOU DO!


I'm flabbergasted by that new perspective of how many dirty butts must be walking out there... and how many people were actually never taught how to wipe properly. Wow.


  1. I've wondered about that blind people thing multiple times. Never thought about googling it though. :)

    I did not know, that some significant amount of people go by "feel"... what the hell does that even mean?

  2. It means that they can "feel" when their butthole is clean, when there is no poop left... which if you are a wipe-looking wiper, you know is totally misleading.

  3. Maybe they just have more sensitive butthole. :/

  4. No. Your fingers are the most sensitive part of your body and the only way you can know whether your fingers are dirty is to rub them together. So it's even impossible to know whether your fingers are dirty without doing anything. The belief that you can feel when your butthole is clean is just silly.