Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How to copy the real URL of pages listed in google search results

Okay. Google's practice of using long ass unsharable redirect links instead of direct links to websites in their search results is a fucking pain in the ass. It's impossible to right click and copy a link to a page right from the google search result page, which makes it impossible to get an appropriate link to something that cannot be viewed in the browser and can only me downloaded, like a pdf, a word document, or something similar.

I have a solution.

Notice that on a fresh search, if you hover a link, what will first show in the status bar is the direct URL to the page it links to. However, as soon as you click or right click the link, the URL is replaced with that ugly google URL.

The solution is to use FireBug, right click and inspect the [pdf] or [doc] element that is just before the link. It's then easy to locate the actual link of search result and possible to get the direct URL. You have to do it on a fresh search and you must not click the link.


  1. Can't you just click the page and then copy from address bar? Or is that more difficult?? xD

  2. No because as I said, if it's a link to something that cannot be opened like a pdf or a word document, it will just launch the download and if the link is opened in a new tab, it's the shitty google URL that appears insead of the real URL.